Mar 29, 2017

Contact Us

The team at the City of Prince George Economic Development department is here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions about our activities or require information on living, playing, working, or investing in Prince George.

City of Prince George Economic Development Department

1100 Patricia Boulevard
Prince George, British Columbia
V2L 3V9

Phone: 250.561.7633
Fax: 250.561.7718
Email: ecdev(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

3 + 4 = ?


  • Melissa Barcellos

    Manager, Economic Development

    e: melissa(Dot)barcellos(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7583

  • Keenan Hopson

    Economic Development Officer

    e: keenan(Dot)hopson(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7582

  • Christina Doll

    Workforce Development Officer

    e: christina(Dot)doll(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7633

  • Joanna Johnston

    Business Development Officer

    e: joanna(Dot)johnston(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7633

  • Lyn Hall


    e: lyn(Dot)hall(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7610

  • Ian Wells

    General Manager, Planning & Development

    e: ian(Dot)wells(At)princegeorge(Dot)ca
    p: 250.561.7784